Discover your niche. Master resistance. Take small, joyful steps toward your dreams. Become a Prolific Creator!

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Bringing your dreams into form as a creator is a difficult and often lonely journey. Social media is full of conflicting advice and checklist approaches to being successful.

My coaching services will guide you along a path of your own making. One that is true to you and the creations only you can bring into the world!

∞ $200/hr (single session)
∞ $150/hr (package of 6 sessions)

A prolific creator is EPIC, Stoic and Kaizen.
The EPIC Creator

A niche is discovered, not chosen. The path of discovery requires you to be EPIC:

∞ [E]xplore your interests.
∞ Observe the [P]atterns in your work.
∞ [I]dentify a common thread.
∞ [C]urate your creations for products.

You can enjoy creating every day while making a living. There is no need to compromise one for the other!

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The Stoic Creator

You will face endless resistance as a creator. Creators seek the edge of what is known and stretch the limits of their abilities. Master your...

∞ Mind
∞ Actions
∞ Emotions
∞ Perception

Resistance is not something to be defeated or conquered. Like a sailboat tacking into the wind, The Stoic Creator uses resistance as the way.

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The Kaizen Creator

The Kaizen Creator cultivates creative rituals and systems with intention. I will help you do the same:

∞ Learn to dream big while taking small steps.
∞ Develop effective habits and skills.
∞ Learn from every step. There is no failure!
∞ Apply what you learn. Improve continuously.

Wind your way toward those big dreams while finding joy in every step.

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Join a Community of Creators:

Co-Create is a private community of supportive creators who encourage and inspire each other to new heights. We create better together by sharing ideas, experiences and skills in a safe, trusted environment.

If you would like some company on your journey, fellow travelers are just up ahead on the path. They've been waiting for you.


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Steven Wilkinson

Will is a world class coach - he is empathetic, experienced, full of wisdom and intuitive. He knows how to ask the right questions, he listens carefully, he is tech savvy, business aware and always on the look out for limiting beliefs, half-truths and false paradigms holding his coachees back from accelerating on the road to their full potential.

Steven Wilkinson

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