Living is not just existing. It requires something more... something we are all born to do.

What It Means to Live

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"Most [people] ebb and flow in wretchedness between the fear of death and the hardships of life; they are unwilling to live, and yet they do not know how to die." — Seneca

What fate is worse than death? Failing to live and not knowing how to die.

Many people dwell on the vicissitudes of Life. They think of nothing but the difficulty and unfairness of it all. Life is a hardship... a cross to be born. They refuse to live.

Some people have given up on life. Nothing remains inside but regret and a constant state of oblivion. Life is no longer lived, and yet... death eludes.

The few who remain find joy in Life. A great work or the love of another captures their heart. Meaning is found even in unavoidable suffering. To these people, Life is a precious gift. It is worth fighting for.

Dwelling on Life's hardships or giving up entirely is the easy path. Living for something is the difficult path, for each day presents a new challenge to one's commitment. For the living, each challenge makes Life all the sweeter.

So what does it mean to live?

Living, REALLY living, is the act of finding meaning and purpose in one's future. Without it, there is nothing to live for. Human beings are peculiar in this regard.

And what is the act itself?

The act is creating: kindness, art, offspring, love, etc. All of these things are creations. When we create, the act itself draws us closer to meaning. Failing to live is then failing to create. We sicken without something to create.

I choose to live... to create.
Will you create with me?

Food for Thought

Are you dwelling on Life's hardships?

Have you given up entirely?

Or do you choose to live... to create?

One Small Step

Make time in each day to create something. Even 15 minutes will do. It must be something you find joy in. And it can change from one day to the next. Then keep at it. Make this little slice of time sacred. Meaning and purpose will bloom, as will your love of Life.

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