You are capable of anything imagined.

Unchain the Power Within

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"I lost my power in this world 'cause I did not use it." — Lindsey Buckingham

There is great power in all of us. But we must use it.

An epidemic of low expectations exists in this world. So many of us accept a life of subsistence. We believe this is the life we have been dealt. And so we fall into mediocrity. We wallow in it.

When if fact, we are children of the stars... radiant beings. And we are capable of burning just as bright. Even the mightiest among us only scratch the surface of our potential.

How do I know this?

Because I have felt what lurks beneath the surface... a great leviathan of creative potential connected to a fathomless source of abundance. We keep it chained in the dark mainly from sheer ignorance of our true nature.

Even the mightiest of Gods fade to obscurity when we fail to believe. And so it is with the power we hold. Neglect it long enough, and it becomes a mere shadow of what once was.

It is time to unchain this great power.

Whatever you believe yourself capable of, multiply it to the point of disbelief. And know this is just a taste of what your inner power holds. Know that you are capable of anything you can imagine.

For that is the source of our true power... to bring thought into form. This power permeates every part of our being. It is our greatest gift.

If only we would use it!

Food for Thought

Are you settling for something less than you could be?

Will your dreams die with you or be made real?

When will you unchain the power within?

One Small Step

When setting a direction in life, aim higher than high. If you don't feel a bit silly, then aim higher. So what if you do not reach such heights? Look at how much higher you flew in the attempt. Much higher than you ever thought possible!

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