Expect nothing of your creations but joy.

The Weight of Expectation

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"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." — Kurt Vonnegut

My creativity does not support me.
Nor would I ever expect it to.

To lay this heavy burden on my creative process is to starve it of the air it needs to breathe. I am intimately familiar with the weight of expectation. I know the extent to which it suffocates everything it embraces.

Instead of riding my creativity like some domesticated animal, I must let it roam free. It is but a mere shadow of itself when tacked up. And I am but a dim bulb struggling to generate light. By releasing it, I release myself and a blinding inner light.

Each creative act must never equate to a transaction. It must not be stripped of joy. It must be swaddled in meaning and purpose... the source from which it flows.

Creativity is not some tool to be wielded as a hammer. It is not interchangeable with a workshop full of other tools. It IS the workshop... where thought is forged into form from air, water, earth and fire. This is not the mundane. It is pure magic.

I will not ask my creativity to provide for me.
I will support it unconditionally.
I will make space and time for it.
I will protect it from all threats.
I will unburden it from expectation.
I will unchain it from obligation.

And in return, the universe will smile on us both. We will flourish... all because I let go and expected nothing of it. The joy in creating has always been enough. It must always be enough.

Food for Thought

Must your creative process support you?

Or will you do whatever it takes to support your creative process?

What will you choose?

One Small Step

Constraints work wonders for a single creation. But do not make the mistake of applying them broadly. They will stifle your creativity and shut you off from abundance. To create your best, you must expect nothing from your creations. Focus only on the joy they bring.

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