Simple is the bedrock of understanding. It must be earned.

The Nature of Simplicity

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"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." — Albert Einstein

Simple is the result of refinement.
It takes time, repeated action and integration.

Simple is knowledge distilled through the filter of a life in motion. It is a form of wisdom... a near fundamental truth freed from overlapping, interlocking concerns. Much like a knotted ball of yarn, simple is straightened and separated one knot at a time.

Simple is the scenic route. No shortcuts exist outside of experience and mastery. And even those require a process of distillation to capture the essence of value. This process cannot be rushed or commanded. It must be earned.

Simple is never achieved in the moment. Even Nature itself has honed understanding to a sharp point only by laboring over countless millennia. Simple always appears obvious after the fact. Once hidden in plain sight, it now shines bright.

Simple is not a destination. There is no terminus. It approaches a fundamental truth but never quite touches it. We are imperfect beings after all. Perfect explanations do not exist for us, and yet... the thought of them drives us to further exploration.

Simple is foundation embedded in granite. It bears the weight of entire civilizations. Without it, knowledge would reduce to shifting sands succumbing to the tides.

Simple is treasure... little gems sparkling with the sun and glowing with the moon. We diligently excavate the earth and heavens in search of one more gem. Each find renews the search for more.

Simple speaks to the individual while resonating with the whole of humanity. It is the connective tissue of innovation... deepening and quickening over the uniquely human interface of time and space.

I hope you find this explanation... simple.

Food for Thought

What does simple mean to you?

What is your favorite example of simple?

Have you ever uncovered your own gem of simplicity? What is it?

One Small Step

The chief takeaway on simplicity is its process of refinement. There is no easy path. Simple must be earned. And even when shared with others, simple is merely knowledge until they too earn it in the form of wisdom.

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