Sometimes you must go back down the mountain to reach its top.

Start Over or Stop Growing

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"You spend your whole life climbing [a mountain] and you get two thirds of the way... To go the rest of the way, you're gonna have to go back down to the bottom and look for another path." — Naval Ravikant

Starting over is never easy. But it is often necessary. Otherwise, you stop growing.

Life is like climbing a lofty mountain. On the one hand, it is fraught with sheer cliff faces, crevasses and shifting scree. On the other, it is filled with breathtaking views, idyllic ledges and fluffy white snow.

Your life consists of climbing this mountain.

So much effort.
So much time.
So many sacrifices.

Somewhere along the way, perhaps even in the twilight of life, you meet with an impasse. As hard as you try, there is no way forward on the current path.

What do you do?

You are faced with two choices:

  1. Stay there. Stop growing. Enjoy the view until you die.
  2. Go back down the mountain. Find another way to the top.

At first you agonize over the many years wasted climbing.

Such dizzying heights reached!
Never to see the peak!
Pure, utter heartbreak.

You sag to the ground and curse its existence... along with your own.

But then something funny happens. You fondly remember the breathtaking views, the idyllic ledges and the fluffy white snow. You relive thousands of tiny, beautiful moments in the blink of an eye. And you wonder at what sights await you on other paths.

Then you begin the trek back down the mountain in search of another way up.

Slowly at first.
Excitement renewed.
Master becomes apprentice.

You take great care to expand and soak in every new moment. Whether good or bad, they all serve to nourish you... mind, body and soul.

Will you ever reach the top?

Perhaps one day. But only if you persist in your efforts... if you value what is above the top. After all, the top is but a moment in time. You experience countless such moments.

Never fear starting over.
For it is the path you seek.
Not the mountain or its top.

Food for Thought

Are seeking the top while forsaking the way?

Are you at an impasse and no longer growing?

Can you muster the courage to start over?

One Small Step

When contemplating the need to start over, do not obsess over the top. Recount the moments you cherish. Think of how many more await you on another path. If you stay put, only memories will remain. New experiences and the top will remain forever out of reach.

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