Choosing one outright is like grasping an electron. It eludes direct confrontation.

Niches Emerge from Patterns

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"Niches are emergent. They are found in the patterns of our creations." — The Prolific Creator

A niche is discovered, not chosen.

You cannot choose what you do not understand. You cannot think your way to it. You cannot wish it into existence. You haven't experienced enough yet to see it clearly.

So what must you do as a new creator?

Let go of expectations. Break the mold. Flip conventional wisdom on its head. And ignore the strange looks from those still suffocating under self-imposed limits. You are now free where they are not.

Create and share often. Follow your interests... wherever they take you. So what if they appear fragmented and disordered at first? If something moves you, brings you joy and leaves you fulfilled, then do more of it. Otherwise, move on.

Once you've created long enough, look for patterns in your work and resonance with those who value it. Your creations will gravitate to certain areas of interest. Don't force it. Let it happen naturally. Give these areas time to reveal themselves.

Several months of writing and illustrating was required for my patterns emerge. I noticed the highest concentration of interest in...

  • Stoicism (98 articles/illustrations)
  • Meaning and Purpose (82 articles/illustrations)
  • Creators and Creativity (74 articles/illustrations)
  • Kaizen (60 articles/illustrations)

I noticed these topics also resonated deeply with people who enjoyed my work. I didn't need analytics and a microscope. I could see them clearly. I could FEEL them.

And then things got even more interesting. I noticed a grand pattern around which the other patterns rotated. It leaped out at me about a month ago...

Stoicism, meaning, creativity, kaizen and other interests all revolved around the creator journey. Writing and illustrating was the story of my struggles, triumphs and wisdom gained. They all pointed me toward helping others become prolific creators.

And that's how it happens. You...

  • Break free of limits and conventions.
  • Create and share in a virtuous cycle.
  • Look for patterns in your work.
  • Observe those patterns emerge.

Then a grand pattern emerges... a pattern within the patterns. That's your niche. It's what makes your heart sing. It's what resonates above all else. And you don't choose it. You discover it.

Food for Thought

Are you trying to choose your niche?

Or are you trying to discover it?

One Small Step

Keep track of what you create. Tag each item with a major interest area. Then go where your interests take you. Before long, areas of concentration appear. This is when you start looking for patterns.

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