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Live a Photo Album Worthy Life

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"I made a promise to myself to live a photo album worthy kind of life... A life of no regrets, a life where I'd never need to open a book to tell stories to my kids and grandkids." — Audrey Zander

To tell a great story... first live one.

I can remember tucking my daughter in for bed on many occasions and getting the following question: "Can you tell me a story?" I often resorted to opening a book and reading.

There is nothing wrong with reading a book. I can't get enough of them myself. But when compared to our own stories, most books pale by comparison. There is nothing quite like recounting a grand adventure of our own making.

I remember from my own childhood a rare few souls who told great stories. They displayed great skill from the telling of many tales, but they also lived them. Stories were always best coming straight from the source.

I stumbled across a few more great storytellers in my adulthood. One I jokingly called "the most interesting man alive." And I meant it! He rubbed elbows with famous people. He traveled around the world. He faced a dizzying array of diverse experiences... good, bad and difficult to believe.

All of these storytellers left an impression on me. My daughter is not a child anymore, but I hope to tell my future grandkids stories of my life and hers. I hope to inspire them, fill them with wonder and spur dreams of exploration in far away lands.

I now know all great stories start with meaningful experiences. And I long to tell my own stories, not those of someone else. Reliving these experiences with them is one of the best gifts I can give.

Live as many story-worthy experiences as you can. Make beautiful memories for the ones you love... and with the ones you love. They will cherish you for it.

Food for Thought

Do you remember great storytellers in your life?

Did their stories make you feel like you were there, in the moment?

Are you living story-worthy experiences?

One Small Step

Plan a meaningful experience with someone you love. It need not be big or expensive. Emotion and meaning is of far greater significance. Now go have that experience. And don't forget to share the vivid memories of it with others. That's how great stories are born.

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