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Introducing Co-Create

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"The lone genius is a myth. Creativity does not thrive in isolation. So... we're building an ecology of creators." — Co-Create

I never create alone. You shouldn't either. Welcome to Co-Create!

Co-Create is a diverse group of creators who encourage, support and inspire each other while reaching the highest peaks of creative expression.

Da Vinci, Picasso, Einstein and other legendary creators never traveled alone. They collaborated with and benefited from the minds of other creators who exposed them to new skills, ideas, insights and perspectives.

It is time for you to find your own scene and...

  • Rekindle your creative spark.
  • Learn the true nature of creativity.
  • Strip away all limits and expectations.
  • Create, share and celebrate beautiful things.

You were born to create. And there is no need to live a creative life of subsistence. Settle into the warm and protective embrace of fellow travelers. We create better together!

For less than the price of one private coaching session...

Redesign your creative practice with a 30-day orientation:

  • Turn the tables on resistance. Prevent creative ruts and blockages.
  • Learn the most effective approach to finding your niche.
  • Capture a wealth of ideas. Put them to work every day.
  • Leverage the natural creative cycle to your advantage.
  • Create more consistently and with more joy.

Join a 24x7 community of active and supportive creators:

  • Become a student of creativity. Deepen your creative practice.
  • Make the secrets of the most prolific creators your own.
  • Receive daily encouragement and feedback.
  • Create with more flow and less friction.
  • Share, engage and collaborate.

Also get a behind the scenes look at how I created a combined 500+ original, thought-provoking articles and illustrations in just one year. My partner, Jake Housdon, will share his creative process as well.

And we don't stop there...

Get exposure to countless other creators and their creative practices. Seeing and experiencing how they create each day will supercharge your own creative efforts!

Are you ready to see just how deep the rabbit hole of creativity goes?

Apply to Co-Create today and start your epic journey with us on February 1. A limited number of spots are available.

The lone creative genius is akin to big moments in art, sport, technology, etc. We often forget the years of hard work and collaboration with others that makes such moments possible.

Food for Thought

Are you tired of going it alone?

Are you struggling to create consistently?

Are you wondering how others seems to create so effortlessly?

Are you frustrated with advice that just doesn't seem to work for you?

One Small Step

The Co-Create community is waiting for you. We need your unique perspective and creations. And you'll get ours in return. We can't wait to fan the flames of creativity together!

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