Stop putting the cart before the horse.

Advice Requires Direction

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"The cart before the horse is neither beautiful nor useful." — Henry David Thoreau

LinkedIn/Twitter is full of great advice.
But most of it puts the cart before the horse.

Tighten up that copy.
Write compelling titles.
Start with a great hook.
Leverage this framework.
Create that personal brand.
Narrow in on a niche of one.
Include a great call to action.
Use these winning templates.
Focus on the needs of others.

Great advice assaults us from every angle.
But we flounder like fish out of water.
A lack of direction is our undoing.

Most of us are not ready.
We must first get our bearings.
Or trade one thankless job for another.

So where to begin?

We start by exploring our interests. We diverge.
True talents lie dormant, atrophied from a lack of use.
Flexing them brings forth discovery.

We create, publish and engage with joy.
We learn what it means to create with integrity...
Whole, not divided.

We observe the patterns of our work.
Shapes and connections bring much needed clarity.
Understanding unfurls like a spring flower.

We listen for resonance in those who value our work.
A pulse forms, strong and unmistakable.
And around it a gravity that pulls.

We focus in on resonance. We converge.
A direction has been established...
One that meets the needs of creator and consumer.

NOW we are ready to incorporate the advice of others.
The horse is most assuredly in front of the cart.

Food for Thought

Have you put the cart before the horse?

Are you implementing the advice of others without direction?

Is your choice of niche based on what is permitted instead of what interests you?

One Small Step

Choose a vehicle for exploring and understanding your interests. I chose writing and sketching to explore interests like creativity, stoicism, habits, kaizen and more. The choice of vehicle is important. It will become your medium of expression and understanding.

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