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Abundance From Truth

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Personal truth opens a world of abundance.

I've been a solo creator for over two years.
I thought I had it all figured out.
But The Universe had other plans.

I've been humming along lately with The Prolific Creator, Co-Create and other exciting creations. These things are special to me, imbued as they are with deep meaning and fulfillment. It took years of writing, hundreds of face-to-face conversations and countless interactions with other creators to get here.

This labor of love yielded incredible value. I explored my interests, observed the patterns and found the golden thread running through them. And just when I thought I had it all figured out, The Universe hit me with something I never expected or could have predicted.

I was offered a Chief Technology Officer position... the pinnacle of my technology career... the one I left behind when I began my solo creator journey. At first I thought it was a test, a temptation to leave the creator world behind and sell out. But then I thought about WHY I was being offered the position.

My credentials as a software developer, architect and technology executive are well established. But my recent work with creativity, stoicism, kaizen and related areas attracted attention. Not all corporations treat people like commodities to be used up and easily replaced. Some of them care about the human side of the equation.

This CTO position is as much about creating a deeply rewarding human experience as it is about technology. The Universe melds my old world with the new. And now I wonder if that was "the plan" all along.

No... this is definitely not a test. It is a gift, a reward for doing what is meaningful. I now realize the more I chase after what means most, the more The Universe conspires to assist me.

And then I was offered a second CTO position.

You see... when you stay true to that person inside, The Universe doesn't just conspire. It LEAPS to your aid with a shocking amount of pent up energy built up over time from repeated resistance to its overtures.

Both positions are incredible opportunities. And both companies are filled with amazing human beings who care about their work and each other. I guess you can say The Universe always goes big or goes home!

I choose the first opportunity and mourn the loss of the second while being eternally grateful for both. To The Universe and God above, I thank you for this abundance. I will make the most of it. And I will remember the lessons of my journey.

Chief among them is this:

Stay true to yourself.
Stop resisting.
And start living.

Food for Thought

Are you resisting your true self and The Universe's overtures?

Do you realize your soul's deepest desires are within your grasp?

Life is difficult either way. What do you have to lose?

One Small Step

Being true to yourself is a decision... one you are free to make at any time. And this decision must be made in every moment until it becomes habit. The best time to start is always NOW.

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