Let the chips fall where they may.

A Game of Plinko

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"The choices we make intermingle with chance to direct the course of our lives between entry and exit." — The Prolific Creator

Every day is a game of Plinko. You decide at each peg without knowing what's at the end.

I grew up watching the Price Is Right with Bob Barker. I was captivated by the games: Cliff Hangers, Safe Crackers, Hole In One and so many others!

My favorite game was, and still is, Plinko.

A contestant gets one chip to start, along with the chance to win up to four more. Each chip is dropped into the top of a board filled with pegs. It bounces its way horizontally and vertically down to the bottom in an utterly heart-pounding and unpredictable way.

At the bottom of the pegboard lies a big money prize slot with smaller prizes arrayed to the left and right. Where will the chip fall out? There is no way of knowing, and that's the fun of it all!

Our journey in life is much like the game of Plinko. Each step of the way is a decision. The choice we make determines the next leg of our path. We have our eye on the big money prize at the end, but there is no way of knowing for sure if we'll hit it.

In fact, that big money prize may turn out to be something entirely different. Each peg we hit in real life has a way of changing the possible outcomes. What we see arrayed at the bottom of the board at the beginning often transforms into something previously unimagined by the time the chip falls out the bottom.

We all start life with one chip. Some of us earn more. Hitting the peg board again is heady stuff... a fresh start full of possibilities. We may be wiser about the game, but life still proceeds one decision at a time with no guarantee of the big money prize we seek.

What does it all mean?

Probably nothing at all. Or perhaps Plinko is the source of deep wisdom. I offer this one piece of advice...

Don't stress over each peg.
Let the chips fall where they may.
And enjoy the ride!

Food for Thought

What is your big money prize waiting at the bottom?

Have recent decisions brought you closer or further away?

Has that prize always been the same?

One Small Step

The entry point matters little in this game. The decision at each peg determines your re-action to "chance" and directly affects the course of your path to the bottom. Instead of predetermining an outcome, be open to the consequences of your actions. Your prize is in life is determined by every decision made in the moment.

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