Honor yourself over the false limits of expectation.

A Champion Hidden In Plain Sight

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"When an underdog wins, they win for everybody, because somebody gotta come through that door and break it open and make it possible." — Saint Jhn

If you've been struggling to find a way forward... a little known horse named Rich Strike shows the way.

The Kentucky Derby was quite the spectacle this weekend. Rich Strike, 80-1 odds, came from near the end of the pack to win the race. I was struck by how a horse no one talked about in the lead up took the crown. There is a parallel in life and sports. This horse wasn't just an underdog. He wasn't even in the discussion!

The "experts" analyze the field, make their picks and spend most of the air time on back stories of the favorites. And of course we all love this. We get to know them, so then we feel a part of their historic win.

But for all their efforts, none of these experts could predict the likes of what we just witnessed. Their expectations amounted to little more than opinions, well-informed but of little value when compared to the heart of a champion.

The aptly named Rich Strike reminds us all about the weight of expectation. It means nothing to a horse who knows no better than to run like the wind. The Universe smiles knowingly at our folly of expectation as it conspires in carving a path to victory.

If you have the chance, watch the view from above as Rich Strike starts his move on the final turn. Look closely at the effortless flow state he enters. And watch in wonder as the path ahead opens just when you think there is nowhere left to run. The announcers excitedly repeat the names of expectation as destiny sneaks up from behind.

Is the hand of the Universe not apparent? Tell me you don't feel wave after wave of chills as this beautiful horse snatches victory from expectation! Does it not awake something deep inside of you?

And this is the lesson, my fellow travelers.

Rich Strike did not know any better. He did not know he was supposed to stay behind and remain in obscurity. He did not bear the weight of expectation fabricated by others. He responded to the touch of his two partners: the Jockey and the Universe. And he did what he was born to do.

Rich Strike was a champion hidden in plain sight. And so are you. Will you defy the odds by simply honoring yourself instead of false limits? The Universe already conspires to open a path.

Food for Thought

When will you respond to the Universe's touch?

When will you cast off the expectations of others?

When will you unshutter your inner power for the whole world to see?

One Small Step

What is the secret of underdogs? They listen to their heart, not the expectations of others. And this is what you must do. Ignore their opinions of what is possible for you. Defy their odds and their false limits by simply being true to yourself and flowing with the Universe free of both.

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