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This site is all about creating at your maximum potential. That means discovering the real you inside and having the courage to put your creations out into the world.

In fact, I believe your purpose in life is to create what only you can create. One of the greatest joys in life is to uncover what that is. And the best way to get there is to follow your interests without apology!

About Me

After 30 years creating software, I traded in programming for writing and sketching. Through them, I became a student of the mind and rediscovered my passion for creativity.

Today I create what brings me joy. I stay true to who I am. This is the way to happiness, fulfillment and true wealth.

I meet people from all around the world with a diverse set of perspectives and experiences. I share my creations with them each day. In return, they give me the gift of new ideas and insights. They fan the flames of my creativity.

I share what I learn on the creator journey. Much of the wisdom I have gained runs counter to conventional wisdom. I share it here in the hope that you will benefit as I have.

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My Story

I left my position as a technology executive right before the COVID pandemic. And it's the best thing I ever did.

What did I leave it for?

I had no idea. Yep, that's right. I did the unthinkable. I quit without knowing what came next.

I was done with ineffective and abusive corporate cultures. I grew weary of living someone else's dreams. I had my fill of trading time for money.

What about my dreams?
What about my happiness?

I turned the corner on being half a century old. I was faced with my own mortality. I could not escape the regret of never taking more than a few steps toward my dreams. The existential void yawned ahead of me.

I wandered a false path for months before trading in programming for writing.

I figured writing would help me make sense of my life and discover the way forward. It became my medium of understanding. Through it, I reflected on my many years, sorted through my feelings and discovered my meaning.

I realized the true path was there all along.

I walked it for many years but mistook it for something else. It was the path of helping others rediscover their inner creative spark, uncover their unique gifts and bring them into form. Everyone has meaningful dreams, but too many people die with them unfulfilled.

My highest aspiration in life is to nurture countless dreams into reality.

Coaching creators is my path.

I find great happiness in being an objective lens for others and helping them discover the answers they seek within. Witnessing the birth of self direction and empowerment is a gift. And the world is a better place when each person brings what only they can create into the world.

Connecting minds.

Let’s Connect

I love meeting interesting people from all over the planet with diverse views and interests. I call them fellow travelers.

If you want to collaborate on an idea, get guidance on your own creator journey, dive down the rabbit hole on your podcast or hire me to speak to your team or company, then let's have a chat.

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