You Were Born to Create

Your creativity is a cycle of seasons and patterns. Learn to embody them and flow with them, rather than fight them.

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The Seasons of Creativity

Creativity is at its full potential when the cycle is honored. Savor each season and the rewards it bestows. One builds toward the next as the great wheel turns.

Creativity In Winter

Winter is a time of stillness, rest and reflection. A time to turn inward at the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Roots extend deeper in preparation for new growth above.

The prolific creator: tree with moon
The prolific creator: tree with sunsrise

Creativity In Spring

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Winter dreams stir and reach for fresh air. Growth below the surface emerges in a riot of color above. The sun greets the sky as if stretching from a long slumber.

Creativity In Summer

Summer is a time of action and abundance. Ideas come into form in a shower of sparks as if from the forge. Creative energy is at its peak. Growth flourishes and matures above ground in a culmination of creation.

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The prolific creator: tree with sun

Creativity In Autumn

Autumn is a time of sharing and gratitude. The fruits of creation are harvested in the twilight of life as falling leaves mark the setting of the sun. Darkness descends with the bare of winter approaching.

Declare Yourself As a Creator

Rediscover the spark of creativity. Step out of the shadows and into the light. Become a prolific creator.

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Creativity Coaching

If you need help getting started, creating consistently or dealing with specific issues holding you back, you don’t have to do this alone. Learn to create with the same consistency, quality and joy I do!

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Co-Create Community

Join a community of supportive creators who encourage and inspire each other to new heights. We create better together by sharing ideas, experiences and skills in a safe, trusted environment.

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